Leave of absence


In some situations, you may need to apply for a leave of absence from your studies, or you may need to study part-time for a while. You may need maternity/paternity leave, have to complete your military service or be ill for a longer period.

Leave of absence
It is possible to apply for leave of absence from studies, if for different reasons, one is prevented from taking part in the study, for example due to pregnancy, illness and military service. One can also apply for leave of absence to take part of their studies elsewhere. In such applications curriculum must be enclosed. 

Our rules for leave of absence are found in Regulations for Examinations and final assessment at the Sámi University College:
§ 6 Normally leave of absence is not granted until the student has completed 30 credits or more. One can normally get leave of absence for up to one year. Sámi University College will process the applications. Sámi University College may consent to leave of absence for more than one year for example due to birth/adoption, military or civil service, illness and other special reasons.


Application for leave of absence due to maternity and childcare
In accordance with the Act relating to universities and colleges the student is entitled to maternity leave during pregnancy and childcare. On the period of leave, the student still has student rights and status as a student. After the period of leave, the students have the right to resume their studies at the same level as before the leave. The educational institution shall ensure that students who are on maternity leave can resume their studies as soon as possible after their leave.

When you apply for leave, you fill out an application form where you specify what period you are applying for leave and why. Attach any possible documentation from experts.

After end of leave it would be an advantage if you contact study administration at the Sámi University College in advance of the start up with your studies.