IT user account at the Sami University and support self-service portal

KI 0133

IT user account at the Sami University is an Identity created for students and employees when using computer systems at the Sami University



IT user account:
Students and amployees need an IT user account at Sami University to gain access to most services that we offer.


➤ KI 0234 Creating Sámi University IT user account (ENG)


➤ KI 0042 No longer a student or employee at Sámi University?

➤ KI 0212 Personal VS. Corporate-based email


Microsoft Authenticator app:
Email and other Microsoft 365 services require the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Microsoft Authenticator is a two-factor authentication or a login with more than one factor. This means that in addition to the username/password, an additional factor is required to approve the login attempt.

Microsoft Authenticator app FAQ


Download the app for Android or Apple devices





Support self-service portal:
Here you will find information and guidance on technical solutions at Sami University. You can also follow your own cases sent to and employees log in with their Sami University IT user account.

Support self-service portal sign in


Guides to help students and employees adapt to technologies in the workplace: