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Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) opened publicly on November 1, 1989. And so a desire that long had excisted amongst Sámi people was fulfilled, namely to offer Sámi teacher education - and after that followed other higher-level studies - in Sámi language and in a Sámi-language environment. A separate Sámi University College also gave the opportunity to develop the offers that better responded to the needs of the Sámi community. It is now 30 years ago since the start and in the autumn of 2017, SUAS had 270 students.

Sámi teaching and Sámi research has been the basis and condition for the activities of Sámi University of Applied Sciences. That is why we often say that SUAS is a Sámi institution. Since 1989, the offerings and tasks of Sámi University of Applied Sciences have expanded considerably. Thus, SUAS has joined forces to strengthen Sámi society. Sámi research has changed greatly in the same period and has expanded, and on that progress, SUAS has been in the center together with other institutions.

The strategy
The vision is to become a Sámi University and Indigenous University, where Sámi is heard and written daily, and where the values ​​and thinking of Sámi and other indigenous peoples are in focus. In the 2017-2021 strategic plan, Sámi University of Applied Sciences will contribute to strengthen and develop Sámi societies, industries, languages ​​and culture. The work shall be based on the conditions and qualities of Sámi society and culture.

Sámi Institute
SUAS and Sámi Institute were merged in 2005. The Sámi Institute was established in 1973.

SUAS has its main campus at Diehtosiida, in Kautokeino, which gives us a good opportunity to keep in touch with the other Sámi institutions also located at Diehtosiida. The name Diehtosiida is composed of the terms diehtu, which means knowledge, and siida, which is a traditional form of Sámi community organization in which a collective owns and manages a resource jointly. According to Sámi building tradition, the contractor spent the night on site before the start of construction, and by doing so, asking for permission to build.

Indigenous Network
Sámi University of Applied Sciences is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) network where SUAS prioritizes indigenous activities. SUAS is also member of the World Indigenous Higher Education Consortium, WINHEC, where SUAS was approved as an indigenous institution for the period 2008-2018. The status of indigenous higher education and research institutions makes reservations that the university college forms and develops education services that strengthen SUAS's competence as an indigenous institution. At the same time, it means that indigenous peoples' pedagogy and research methodologies are implemented, which strengthen the qualifications of Sámi society and provide for indigenous students and employees. According to the accreditation, WINHEC encouraged Sámi University of Applied Sciences to continue to obtain approval as a Sámi University.

The logo Sámi University of Applied Sciences inherited from the Sámi Institute.
The logo is a picture of the sun, which is important in the life of the Sámi. This sun is also used as a symbol to show that Sámi people live in four areas: north, south, west and east.

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