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Housing, dining and kindergarten when you are student

For students at the Sami University of Applied Studies, it is Indre-Finnmark Studentsamskipnad/ Sis-Finnmarkku Studeanttaid Ovttastus (SSO) that runs the canteen, rents accommodation an

Haven't applied for studies yet for the coming autumn? We have extended the application deadline!

Sami University of Applied Sciences still have available seats this autumn for some studies.

New book on the conditions for Sámi art and duodji in Sápmi and the importance of self-determination

The anthology “Searvedoaibma: Art and Social Communities in Sápmi” takes its starting point in a striking paradox pertaining to the status of Sámi art and culture.

Apply for studies at Sámi University of Applied Sciences this fall!

Our application portal for studies autumn 2024 is now open, and the main application deadline for all studies is on the 15.04., but if you are applying based on real competense, or applying for an early reply, the deadline is on the 01.03

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Study start 2024
21. August, 10:00 to 23. August, 15:00

Introduction for Study start 2024


Official opening
21. August, 10:00 to 13:00

Official opening of the Academic year 2024-2025

The official opening of the academic year 2024-2025 on the 21st of August 2024 at 10:00-13:00, in

Meeting / presentation
09. September, 09:00 to 10. November, 15:00

Student Ombudsman in Diehtosiida

Our Student Ombudsman Torill Varberg is in Kautokeino 09.-11.09.24.

14. October, 10:30 to 16. October, 13:00

IndigMEC2 Conference

Conference focus: Indigenous curriculum development - Development of Indigenous