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Oahppu ii deatte (education does not weigh down) podcast - new episode every week

Sami University of applied sciences has published a podcast called "oahppu ii deatte". The host of the entire series is Ellen Oddveig Hætta Gaup and she has had studio visits from various teachers.

Sami cultural heritage's place in relation to global challenges

The rectors of UNESCO schools and teachers gather for a national conference in Alta 13.9 and in Kautokeino on 14.9.23.

Fall 2024 Study Programs

Leat go álgán plánet oahpu gazzat oahppojagi 2024-2025, muhto it riektá dieđe vel masa galggat ohcat? Dá lea bajilgova min prográmmaoahpuin.

State budget 2024: Allocation to the Sami university of applied sciences

The Sámi Parliament has today announced that the government has followed up on the report to the Storting on Sámi education in the state budget for 2024.

What's up

07. November, 09:00 to 08. November, 15:00

Sámi education conference 2023

The Sámi University of Applied Sciences and the Sámi Parliament in Norway will host an international conference to share experiences and present pedagogical ways of thinking and professionalism in education and research.