Academic Administration

Due to the holiday period, we have slightly reduced staff in the summer and it may therefore be somewhat longer response time to inquiries.

Academic Administration opening hours from 09.08.21: 

  Monday   9am - 2pm
  Tuesday   9am - 2pm
  Wednesday   CLOSED
  Thursday   9am - 2pm
  Friday   9am - 11am  &  12:00 - 2pm


Main tasks at the Academic Administration:

  • Student casework
  • Student recruitment and admission to studies
  • Konwledge center for students
  • Process/treat student cases/affairs
  • Arrange exams
  • Study guidance
  • Be support for planning and implementation of teaching
  • Be support for institutions in student cases/affairs
  • Managing and promoting the quality system


E-mail address:


  • Head of Study: Áila Márge Varsi Balto

Academic Administration staff:

  • Higher Executive OfficerSeija Logje
    • Exams, sensor appointment, examplans, student confirmations, student fees
  • Education Consultant: Ellen Marianne Siri
    • Roombookings, guestlecturers agreements and travel expenses, support for teaching planning
  • Recruitment and Admission Consultant: Ronja Christine Oskal 
    • Recruitment, study admissions
  • International Adviser: Ida Holm Hansen
    • International activity coordination, international student follow up
  • Adviser: Berit Ellen Eira
    • Reporting, quality assurance, casework, FS
  • Study Adviser: Anne Karen Hætta Bals
    • Study-, subject-, scope of qualification- and programplans, progression, entry of subjects, certificate of completion

Oahppohálddahus - Govven: Árvu/Stine Marje Vars