Information regarding the corona virus

(Updated 29th of November 2021)

The government has decided that from 25th of September, Norway will move to an everyday life with increased preparedness throughout the country.

Note! The only regulation that still applies is that you must be in isolation if you have covid-19. This is not just a recommendation, but a rule.

On 24th of November The State Administrator in Troms and Finnmark and Guovdageainnu suohkan have encouraged the population to wear face masks in those situations where you are unable to keep a meter distance to others.

The authorities' encouragement to the population to continue to adhere to some infection control rules:

1. Stay home if you are sick. Test yourself if you have symptoms of illness. This applies to everyone, including you who have been vaccinated.

2. If you have not been vaccinated and you live with someone who has been diagnosed with covid-19, you must be tested or quarantined.

3. Remember hand and cough hygiene. Wash your hands often, use rubbing alcohol if you do not have access to water.

4. Wear face mask in those situations where you are unable to keep a meter distance to others.


Do you need a vaccine or a coronary test?

All Allaskuvla's students and employees, including those who are registered as residents of another municipality, are offered a vaccine at the health center in Guovdageaidnu.

Book an appointment for vaccination or coronary testing can be done by contacting the municipal health service on telephone 78 48 72 60 or 116117, or book an appointment digitally on Helse Norge's website.



The education is carried out as set out in the study plans.

Home office

For employees, regular agreements related to home office apply. If you have respiratory symptoms, it is possible to work in a home office.

Corona certificate and vaccine taken abroad

A corona certificate issued in the EU / EEA has been approved in Norway. Read more about corona certificate and how it works.

People who have received the Pfeizer, Moderna, Strazenica and Jansen vaccine outside the EU and EEA countries (eg the USA) must register the vaccine with the doctor after arrival in Norway, and when the Norwegian social security number or D-number is in place.

Traveling across national borders

All border crossings into Norway have been reopened. Read more about travel to and from abroad on the Norwegian Directorate of Health's website and Norwegian Institute of Public Health.