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14. June, 12:00 to 14:00

Graduation ceremony 2024

Candidates, family, friends and others are invited to participate in a commemoration of the 2023-

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21. August, 10:00 to 13:00

Official opening of the Academic year 2024-2025

The official opening of the academic year 2024-2025 on the 21st of August 2024 at 10:00-13:00, in

14. October, 10:30 to 16. October, 13:00

IndigMEC2 Conference

Conference focus: Indigenous curriculum development - Development of Indigenous

22. November, 12:00 to 23. November, 13:00

Workshop in research ethics

The Saami Council together with Sámi University of Applied Sciences invites sami academia, the Sami parliaments, the research councils and those interested in sámi research to a workshop. The purpose is together, in the sámi community, to discuss the text, research ethics and possible next steps in the process.

The background for the workshop is, that the Saami Council in spring 2022 has written the discussion text "Working towards ethical guidelines for research involving the Sámi". The text refers to various studies that have been done so far in research ethics in Sápmi, a brief introduction to similar studies that have been carried out in some other indigenous areas, and how property rights and autonomy also is a part of research.
In conclusion, there are proposals for how we can continue to work on this matter.

The Saami Council has sent the text to an open hearing, and they have received comments and suggestions to the text.

Sign up before 15.11. 2022

Sign up here (e-mail will open)
The workshop is free, participants cover travel and accommodation expenses themselves.
The workshop is interpreted between northern sami and english.
Interpretation is at zoom, you will need your own computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone with zoom app, and your own headset.

NB The workshop will not be streamed.


Tuesday 22.11.2022

Moderator:  Head of department at Sámi allaskuvla Lájlá Helene Eira

12:00   Lunch at  Diehtosiida

13:00   Welcome, headmaster at Sámi allaskuvla Laila Susanne Vars

13:10   Greetings from Sámi Parliamentary Council, president Håkan Jonsson

13:20   Status until today / writer of the discussion text Ásllat Holmberg, The Saami Council

13:50   Written feedback for the discussion text / Rune Fjellheim, The Saami Council

14:05   Break

14:20   Experiences with ethical guidelines in health research / associate professor, Bent Martin Eliassen, Nord University

14:40   Process with ethical guidelines / doctor Lydia Heikkilä, University of Lapland, planner at the Sámi Parliament

15:00   SSR (Svenska Samernas Riksförbund/ Sámiid Riikkasearvi) experiences with ethical guidelines / secretariat manager Jenny Wik Karlsson

15:20   World cafe conversations, based on chapter 6. and 7. in the discussion text Working towards ethical guidelines for research involving the Sámi

17:00   Presentation in plenary: Moderators from the world cafe presents the conversations

17:20   Plenary conversation: The world cafe conversations ja the presentations

17:50   Summary and ending the day / head of department Lájla Helene Eira

18:00   Dinner at Thon Hotel


Wednesday 23.11.2022

Moderator: Head of department at Sámi allaskuvla Lájlá Helene Eira

09:00   Welcome to the second day / Head of department Lájla Helene Eira

09:10   GIDA Sápmi (The Global Indigenous Data Alliance) – Indigenous network about indigenous data sovereignty and governance/ researcher Susanna Siri, Centre for Sami Health Research, UiT

09:30   Plenary conversation: Geaidnu viidáseappot / What's next?

  • Christina Storm Mienna, associate professor, Várdduo director & member of Sámi allaskuvla Research Ethics Committee
  • Hadi Lile, associate professor, Østfold University College & member of Sámi allaskuvla Research Ethics Committee
  • Jan Erik Henriksen, docent, Department of Child Welfare ans Social Work, UiT


10:30   Break

10:50   Plenary conversation - Geaidnu viidáseappot? / What's next?

12:00   Summary and final reflection / professor Harald Gaski

12:30   Lunch at Diehtosiida