Information regarding the corona virus

(Updated 8th of february 2022)

The government has removed most of the restrictions associated with the coronavirus from 1 February 2022. Some rules and recommendations still apply.


The authorities' general advice and recommendations

1. Practice good hand and cough hygiene.

2. Vaccinate you.

3. Stay home if you are sick.

4. Test yourself if you have new-onset respiratory symptoms.


Keep 1 meter away from those you do not live with. This rule can be deviated from in a teaching context. If it is difficult to keep a distance of 1 meter, use a bandage.


Do you need a vaccine?

All Allaskuvla's students and employees, including those who are registered as residents of another municipality, are offered a vaccine at the health center in Guovdageaidnu. Book an appointment for vaccination can be done by contacting the municipal health service on telephone 78 48 72 60 or 116117, or book an appointment digitally on Helse Norge's website.


Recommendation for regular testing is discontinued. Only people with new-onset respiratory symptoms should get tested.

  • The test should be taken as a self-test, but can also be performed as an antigen rapid test performed by a healthcare professional or PCR test.
  • Beyond this, only people with symptoms are recommended to be tested. Other close contacts without symptoms are not recommended to be tested, but should pay extra attention to symptoms.
  • People who cannot avoid close contact with an infected person during the isolation period should also be tested daily during the isolation period, and for five days after the last close contact with the infected person.


Quarantine and isolation

  • People infected with the coronavirus should isolate themselves for 4 days. Infected people who have symptoms must also have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of antipyretic preparations. This applies to all virus variants.
  • The prescribed quarantine is also terminated for all close contacts who are members of the household or equivalent close to the infected person.
  • Household members and similar relatives are recommended to be tested daily for five days after the last close contact with the infected person.


More information about the coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found here: