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Ketil Lenert Hansen
Vuosttašamanueansa / Førsteamanuensis / Associate Professor



General information

Ketil Lenert Hansen holds a position as Associate Professor II (20%) at the Department of Sámi Teacher Education, Sámi University of Applied Sciences (since 2020). He also works as a Full Professor (100%) at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Ketil holds a PhD in health sciences (Department of Community Medicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway), 2011), has a major (hovedfag) in Cultural Education (Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSL), UiT, 2002), previous (first major: storfag) major in Community planning and Cultural Understanding (UiT, 1999), Cand.mag (Candidatus Magisterii) with the subject: Pedagogy (grunn- og mellomfag), Sociology (grunn-, mellom-og storfag), and Philosophy (Ex.Phil) (HSL,UiT,1999), and several undergraduate courses (Bachelor courses)  in mathematics and physics (Faculty of Science and Technology, UiT, 1994-6).

His research work has included research on racism, discrimination, health inequality, violence, disability, resilience, child welfare, somatic- and mental health among Sámi children, youth and adults. His community engagement work has spanned regional, national, and international efforts. He has also been involved in teaching programs and developed courses in several different courses for master’s and PhD students, taught at several circumpolar universities for Master and PhD students in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, and US. Lenert Hansen has received several awards for my circumpolar research. He has a solid track record in project management, administering networks of scholars and community members. He has also chaired international organizations. As a Fulbright Artic Initiative scholar (cohort III) he represented Norway during, 2021-23 cycle. His on-going duties includes being a commissioner in the “Lancet Commission on Arctic Health: Accelerating Indigenous Health and Well-Being”. He will also serve as a board member for the Fulbright Norway Alumni Association beginning in June 2024. As a Sámi professor, the health and well-being of Sámi people are always very close to his heart.

Hansen currently principal investigator (PI) participates in one externally funded  research project:

Previously he has been PI for the following research project: Mental health and well-being among indigenous Sámi adolescents and young adults in Norway: Risk and resilience – The Mihá study


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