About the library

The library at The Sámi University of Applied Sciences is a modern library mainly oriented towards our students and employes.

The library contains literature that are topical for the subjects offered by the institution, and for the academic people working here. A large proportion of the books are about the Sami, and are written in Sami language.

A special collection of books used in research of Sami language and -history by the researchers Israel Ruong, Tor Frette and Knut Bergsland are also located in the library.


The library offers 4 studyrooms for groups and a reading hall with a total of 28 work stations.

Additionally we offer 10 work stations in the open area of the library. The studyrooms can be reserved.

We have 4 computers that are adapted for search within the library’s bookbase oria.no in the library, and a room were you can find a photocopier and 2 work stations for studying.

In addition to books, the library offers a wide range of academic journals, and you can find more from the publishing house Universitetsforlaget on the webpage Idunn.no

We also keep newspapers in paper form, and our students and employees on The Sámi University of Applied Sciences can search for articles from a wide range of norwegian and sweedish newspapers on the  webpage Atekst Retriever.