Application deadlines and important dates for admission

01.03. Early admission for autumn studies
To apply for early admission, you must document why you are applying for this. You must document at least one of the following reasons:

  • You are working and must apply for leave of abscence. This must be documented by a letter from your employer, which states how much time needed connected with your notice of resignation, or application for leave of absence, or a copy of your work contract and pay slip from the last month.
  • You are self-employed and must wind up the business in connection with your studies. This can be documented with a certificate from the Tax Agency or the Register of Business Enterprises about self-employment.
  • You have to move with the family due to work, need to know in order to get your kids into kindergarten or because of studies. You document this with a residence certificate from the Tax Administration for you and the children, or you and your spouse / cohabitant.
  • You need special accommodation at the study site. First check with us if it’s already adapted to your needs. If not, document the need with a certificate from an expert, such as your doctor. Certificates that contain sensitive personal information can not be uploaded in the application. You must send this by post to your case officer, the address can be found in your application.
  • You must apply for a residence permit in order to be able to study. You document this with a copy of your residence card. This only applies to applicants with a temporary residence permit, or applicants who do not have a residence permit in Norway. This does not apply to applicants from EU / EEA countries.

If you are applying for early admission, you must be qualified for studies when you apply. You can therefore not get early admission if you are going to take subjects, courses or language tests in the spring. 

You must apply no later than March 1, and you must have uploaded the necessary documentation by March 20th.


15.04. Main application deadline for all studies

All subjects at Sámi University of Applied Sciences are published via Samordna opptak. This application deadline applies to anyone who has not applied for early admission by the 1st of March

19.07 Available study places are posted via Samordna opptak

If there are vacancies in any of the studies, these will be published via Samordna opptak.

15.09 Deadline for being registered as a student at Sámi University of Applied Sciences for studies taught in the autumn semester

Deadline for admission to spring studies 

15.11. Early admission for studies in the spring semester

01.12 Application deadline for studies taught in the spring semester

Necessary documentation for your application

If you apply within the main application deadline on the 15th of April, you must upload the necessary documentation no later than the 1st of June. Students who complete needed to qualify you for admission the same spring, have a deadline of 1 July. Read more about the Higher Education Entrance Qualification assessment here.

If you are applying for early admission by the 1st of March, you must have uploaded the necessary documentation by the 20th of March.