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September 28. beaivi 2023

Min birrasat conference is open for registration

Sámi allaskuvla organizes a conference 26-27. October with the title Min birrasat - sustainable industries and natural diversity in Sápmi.

The aim of the conference is to look at and discuss existing forms of protection and management that both take into account the maintenance of local industries and ways of life, and the protection of diverse natural environments.

- In Sápmi, we have largely experienced forms of nature protection that are initiated from the outside and take a form that is foreign to us, for example a nature reserve. At the same time, there will often be a need to protect land and water based on local conditions and forms of governance. At this conference, we will take a closer look at other arrangements for the conservation of natural diversity that may be better suited to our areas and ways of life. This is particularly important now in light of the fact that global targets have been set to protect the natural environment and stop the destruction of nature. How can we find solutions that benefit our natural environment and our way of life? We have invited researchers, area managers, political and professional institutions, organizations and area users to the conversation about these things, says associate professor Mikkel Nils M. Sara.

The conference takes place in Sami and the Scandinavian languages. There will be interpretation between the languages.

Registration - the registration deadline is 16.10.23
The conference fee is NOK 400, which covers two lunches. The conference has not reserved accommodation, and does not pay for dinner or accommodation for the participants.