July 13. beaivi 2022

Landscape Practices-conference in Kautokeino is open for registration

The conference will be held from Tuesday 20 September to Thursday 22 September at Sami University College in Kautokeino. Invited speakers are Professor Thomas F. Thornton at the University of Southeast Alaska, Head of the Arctic Environment Department of the Sami Council Gunn Britt Retter, Professor at the University of Alberta Brenda L. Parlee and Teetl’it Zheh Indigenous Leader and Tradition Chief Chief Wanda Pascal. Deadline for registration is 31. August.

In connection with the research project on egg and cloud picking in coastal Sami areas being completed after lasting more than three years, a closing conference will be arranged. Results from this project will be presented at the conference. The topics of the research project will also be highlighted at the conference by researchers from different areas. The main themes are:

  • Mijá duobddága - home landscapes as harvesting sites
  • Sustainability in harvesting practices
  • Knowledge and care in landscape practices

Sami University of applied sciences has led the research project together with partners who have been Árran Julevsáme Guovdášj, Mearrasiida in Billefjord and NINA Naturbruk Lillehammer. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Read more about the conference here (link).

On the conference page you will find, among other things, program, information about invited speakers and practical information.


To register for a conference, click on the attached link and fill in information.

Registration deadline is Monday 31. August.