Sámi allaskuvlla jođiheaddjit.
September 06. beaivi 2023

State budget 2024: Allocation to the Sami university of applied sciences

The Sámi Parliament has today announced that the government has followed up on the report to the Storting on Sámi education in the state budget for 2024. Among other things, the Sámi university will receive NOK three million to strengthen teacher training and NOK two million to expand the guidance scheme.

- This is good news for Sami university of applied sciences. In recent weeks, we have worked a lot on our financial situation and how to get increased funds for our operations. As most people know, the Sami university of applied sciences has financial challenges, as there have been reductions in the framework grants to universities and colleges at national level. When an extra NOK three million is now allocated, we will have peace of mind to work on professional development. It is also pleasing that we will be able to expand the wizard scheme, says principal Liv Inger Somby.

The Sami university of applied sciences has had a very good collaboration with the Sami Parliament this autumn and we have presented the consequences of reduced funding for Sami studies and research.

- Sami Parliament Councilor Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen (NSR) has done a very good job. We have had good meetings with him and his dialogue with the government level has produced results and is good news for us, says Somby.