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New dean

Marit Meløy will be the head of our Departement for language, duodji, reindeerhusbandry and social sciences.

Sámi Teacher Educations and Indigenous Journalism Departements new dean.

Seija Risten Somby will be the head of our Departement for Sámi Teacher Educations and Indigenous Journalism.

Tuition fees

Have you remembered to pay the semester fee for fall 2017

Public opening

Today we start the schoolyear of 2017/2018 officially.
Welcome to Sámi University of Applied Sciences!

What's up

22. August, 09:00 to 24. August, 14:00

World Indigenous Research and Education Conference

Sámi University of Applied Sciences and World Indigenous Research Association, invite you to Guovdageaidnu, Norway, August 22th - 24th 2018.