Information regarding the corona virus

(Updated 07.01.2021)

On the 2nd of January the Norwegian Government came with new infection prevention measures, to be able to remain in control of the covid-19 outbreak, and make sure that the virus doesn’t spread any further. According to the new prevention measures, they decided that all lectures will be carried out digitally until the 19th of January. These measures are temporarily, and will be in force for two weeks, from the 4th of January until the 19th of January.

Sámi allaskuvla constantly monitors the current infection control rules so that events can be carried out. A detailed guide on infection control will be available online before the opening week.

The Infection Prevention and Control Guide is available as an e-course in Sami and English for students and staff:

For students: Verify that you completed the course:

For staff: Verify that you completed the course:

Digital lectures and events
All lectures will be carried out digitally until the 19th of January.

Campus (Diehtosiida) 
The campus is only open to students and staff from 4th of January to 19th of January . Students and staff must use key card to gain access to Diehtosiida.

Entrance/student card
Usually the front office makes entrance/student cards for the new students. Due to the covid-19 virus we encourage you to order this through the study administration by mail Remember to enclose your name and a picture of you.

The most important infection control measures that everyone should follow are:

1.Illness and quarantine (scroll down to read more about guidance about quarantine)

  • If you are ill or have a feeling of illness, then you should stay at home.
  • If you are in quarantine, then do not visit or stay at Diehtosiida.

2. Hygiene

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly in lukewarm soapy water. If you do not have access to water, use hand disinfection with alcohol based products.
  • Use paper tissue in front of your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Throw the tissue after use. If you do not have paper tissue, use a flexed elbow.
  • Wash your hands before touching your face and before eating.

3. Keep a distance from others

4. Travel

Avoid unnecessary travels nationally. 

Everyone who arrives in Norway from an area/country that the Norwegian government has marked as red or gray, must be in quarantine for 10 days.

Follow the map of which areas apply on the National Institute of Public Health's website. Be aware the situation can change quickly.

Guidance on quarantine

You are responsible for following the regulations that apply at all times. It is recommended to familiarise yourself with the current advices on this website

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, such as fever or respiratory diseases, you should isolate yourself as soon as possible, and contact a doctor on tel. 116 117.

The situation can change quickly, and then the measures also change. An update on current measures will then be available on this website.


In case you have some questions

Please feel free to get in touch with us by mail at if you have any questions regarding your term start.